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About the application and its author. Recommended courses, trainings and books:

My name is Christine and I am the author of the application.
In my life, I soon observed events that were beyond the concept of “coincidence”. I was more and more frequently meeting people who told me about events and experiences which were hard to believe. I am a creative person with a deep sense of beauty and art, but also a very strong realist and analyst. Hence, I began to explore the incredible things.

It was not enough for me just to reading countless books which for some time managed to explain something unusual to me; no, I wanted to experience it myself and look behind the scenes of the apparent life. I was also looking for solutions to my own personal problems, I wanted to understand why I have time and again to deal with things that I thought being unjust.

Besides my work, I attended numerous courses and seminars; the best ones I am recommending below. I studied several „Extra-senses“ (people with extrasensory perception) in Russia and the Ukraine. All I experienced, was amazing. And today I know with certainty that we humans are incredibly capable and are being interconnected to all together in an information field and that we ourselves are truly creators of our own lifes, our own reality.

I was overcome by the idea to create an application suddenly. It was like a flash going through me and I began to see images and functions. I was quite ecstatic. Perhaps it needed to be, I felt “flow” – everything was flowing – and soon I met my great programmer for iOS, Pavel Mikunda who was for more than four months patiently realizing my ideas (thanks Pavel!)

This application I can really recommend to anyone not just wanting to being fated and not having lost hope that life can be wonderful and full of plenty. For me, I am often working with my app, sending healing to my loved ones, energy to new projects, love to my parents in heaven and even love to myself or to my Inner child.

When sending power boosters people are often experiencing an extremely strong sense of love with deep and intense emotion. While this moment, your soul is perceiving the connection with God’s infinite love. This moment is very cleaning and healthful.


Courses and Trainings:


SUPRA Mentaltraining Ackermann

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Psychological kinesiology

CQM Remote Viewing

English Psychometry

Matrix Energetix

Quantum Healing

Family Constellations

Nonviolent Communication

Radionics and Bio-Resonance

Touch for Health


Recomended books:

Joseph Murphy ● The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Andreas Ackermann ● Easy zum Ziel

Joseph J.Weed ● Wisdom of the Mystic Masters

Norman Vincent Peale ● The Power of Positive Thinking

Theo Fischer ● Wu Wei – Die Lebenskunst des Tao

Maxwell Maltz ● Psycho-Cybernetics

Michael Talbot ● The Holographic Universe

Rhonda Byrne ● The Secret

Esther & Jerry Hicks ● The Law of Attraction

Vadim Zeland ● Reality Transurfing

Serge Kahili King ● Earth Energies: A Quest for the Hidden Power of the Planet

Laura Day ● Practical Intuition

Neale Donald Walsch ● Conversations With God

Paulo Coélho ● The Pilgrimage: A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom

Try this app and send along with us your first wish – the wish for World Peace!


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