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Where is my Wish text sent?
Your text will be sent nowhere. Nobody else can read it. By sending of your Wish your text changes into pure ENERGY and this you are sending like an order to the Universe. Please read more in „The Handbook for Fulfilling Wishes“, which is in your App.

Where can I buy my own Wishes?
After sending the Wish for Peace you come back to the HOME page. Touch the Wish or go to one of the features below. After returning to HOME again, you will see the cages with Wishes. They lead to the Wishes-Shop.

What happens after buying unlimited Wishes?
You can send, change and/or delete an unlimited number of Wishes, but only 3 prime Wishes can be active. Concentrate on them! and send POWER BOOSTERS to them regularly.
Please read more in „The Handbook for Fulfilling Wishes“, which is in your App.
If you want to send another Wish, you have to delete an active Wish in advance.

What should I do if I want to send positive energy to an important meeting tomorrow, but all 3 of my Wishes are active?
Just delete temporarily one of the 3 Wishes and activate your new Wish. Later you can order your previous Wish again.

How can I change a POWER BOOSTER?
Touch the wish on the HOME page. It opens the site with Universe. You will see a button DEACTIVATE on the right side below. Deactivate your last Power Booster and then you can activate an another one.

How can I change the text of my Wish?
At the Wish list you can change your text as needed. After ordering you can’t change it any more. If you bought unlimited Wishes, just delete this Wish and send a new one.

Where can I delete an active Wish?
You can only delete it if you bought unlimited Wishes . Touch the Wish, which you are going to delete. It opens the site with Universe. On the left side below you will see the button DELETE.
If a Power Booster is still active, you have to deactivate it first.

I do not get notifications, that the Power Booster is no longer active.
Please go in your device to:
SETTINGS – Notifications – WISHES – Allow Notifications.

How do I restore my purchases?
At HOME top left there is a button. It takes you to the page AUTHOR. Below is the button „Restore Purchases“. It only works if you purchased unlimited Wishes.

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